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Nuvo Clarineo Price List

NCR2 Clarineo outfit in white with blue trim SRP £125.00
NCR3 Clarineo outfit in white with green trim SRP £125.00
NCR4 Clarineo outfit in white with pink trim SRP £125.00
NCR1 Clarineo outfit in black with silver trim SRP £125.00

Clarineo spare parts Price List

NCP1010 Clarineo/DooD/jSax mouthpiece set black with black SRP £18.99
NCP1011 Clarineo/DooD/jSax mouthpiece set blue with white SRP £18.99
NCP1012 Clarineo/DooD/jSax mouthpiece set green with white SRP £18.99
NCP1013 Clarineo/DooD/jSax mouthpiece set pink with white SRP £18.99
NCP1105 Clarineo bell black SRP £12.00
NCP1020 Clarineo/DooD/jSax part mouthpiece black SRP £10.00
NCP1021 Clarineo/DooD/jSax part mouthpiece white SRP £10.00
NCP1106 Clarineo Bell White and Blue SRP £8.40
NCP1107 Clarineo Bell White and Green SRP £8.40
NCP1108 Clarineo Bell White and Pink SRP £8.40
NCP1078 Clarineo part key 14 black SRP £7.50
NCP1081 Clarineo part key 16 white SRP £7.50
NCP1079 Clarineo part key 14 white SRP £6.30
NCP1080 Clarineo part key 16 black SRP £6.30
NCP1030-NEW Clarineo/DooD/jSax ligature in black SRP £6.00
NCP1031 Clarineo part ligature white SRP £6.00
NCP1031-NEW Clarineo/DooD/jSax ligature in white SRP £6.00
NCP1030 Clarineo part ligature in black SRP £6.00
NCP1005 Clarineo pull through cloth SRP £5.99
NCP1620-3 Clarineo/DooD/jSax 3 pack plastic reeds strength 2 SRP £5.99
NCP1610-3 Clarineo/DooD/jSax 3 pack plastic reeds strength 1 SRP £5.99
NCP1615-3 Clarineo/DooD/jSax 3 pack plastic reeds strength 1.5 SRP £5.99
NCP1041 Clarineo part mouthpiece cap blue SRP £5.00
NCP1042 Clarineo part mouthpiece cap green SRP £5.00
NCP1044 Clarineo/DooD/jSax rubber mouthpiece cap black SRP £5.00
NCP1045 Clarineo/DooD/jSax rubber mouthpiece cap blue SRP £5.00
NCP1046 Clarineo/DooD/jSax rubber mouthpiece cap green SRP £5.00
NCP1047 Clarineo/DooD/jSax rubber mouthpiece cap pink SRP £5.00
NCP1082 Clarineo part key 18 black SRP £5.00
NCP1084 Clarineo part key 19 black SRP £5.00
NCP1085 Clarineo part key 19 white SRP £5.00
NCP1040 Clarineo part mouthpiece cap black SRP £5.00
NCP1043 Clarineo part mouthpiece cap pink SRP £5.00
NCP1083 Clarineo part key 18 white SRP £4.20
NFP1028 Nuvo Instrument Grease Pot with Grease SRP £4.20
NCP1060 Clarineo part thumb rest blue SRP £3.90
NCP1061 Clarineo part thumb rest green SRP £3.90
NCP1062 Clarineo part thumb rest pink SRP £3.90
NCP1063 Clarineo part thumb rest black SRP £3.90
NCP1071 Clarineo part key 8 white SRP £3.90
NCP1072 Clarineo part key 9 black SRP £3.90
NCP1073 Clarineo part key 9 white SRP £3.90
NCP1074 Clarineo part key 10 black SRP £3.90
NCP1075 Clarineo part key 10 white SRP £3.90
NCP1076 Clarineo part key 12 black SRP £3.90
NCP1077 Clarineo part key 12 white SRP £3.90
NCP1087 Clarineo part key 20 white SRP £3.90
NCP1088 Clarineo part key 21 black SRP £3.90
NCP1089 Clarineo part key 21 white SRP £3.90
NCP1090 Clarineo part key 22 black SRP £3.90
NCP1091 Clarineo part key 22 white SRP £3.90
NCP1093 Clarineo part key 23 white SRP £3.90
NCP1094 Clarineo part key 24 black SRP £3.90
NCP1095 Clarineo part key 24 white SRP £3.90
NCP1096 Clarineo part key 25 black SRP £3.90
NCP1097 Clarineo part key 25 white SRP £3.90
NCP1098 Clarineo part key 26 black SRP £3.90
NCP1099 Clarineo part key 26 white SRP £3.90
NCP1070 Clarineo part key 8 black SRP £3.90
NCP1086 Clarineo part key 20 black SRP £3.90
NCP1092 Clarineo part key 23 black SRP £3.90
NCP1100 Clarineo part key 28 black SRP £3.90
NCP1101 Clarineo part key 28 white SRP £3.90
NCP1050 Clarineo/DooD part O-ring cover blue SRP £2.00
NCP1051 Clarineo/DooD part O-ring cover green SRP £2.00
NCP1052 Clarineo/DooD part O-ring cover pink SRP £2.00
NCP1053 Clarineo/DooD part O-ring cover black SRP £2.00
NCP1102 Clarineo/Flute/DooD/jSax rubber O-ring SRP £0.60

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