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Meet the Nuvo Clarinéo

The musical instrument that simultaneously satisfies the demands of top musicians and the needs of the youngest beginners in a product with 21st Century appeal. 

How can the same instrument be everything a child needs and yet can also win acclaim from renowned professional performers as a great instrument in its own right?

Little Johnny and his friends are happy because the Nuvo Clarinéo:-

  • is light – six or seven-year-olds can play it with no strain, especially not on the thumb.
  • is short – "pinky" keys are easily within reach for smaller hands.
  • has small tone holes – easily covered by smaller fingers, even the small and slender fingers of young girls.


  • looks "cool", lets him have a choice of great colours, comes in a trendy case and – because it’s virtually unbreakable – he doesn’t have to be precious with it.


  • has a quality mouthpiece – for ease of blowing and ease of getting a nice sound from the start.  It’s also smaller – making it easier for young mouths to handle the reed’s vibrations, so vital in making any reed instrument work and controlling how it sounds.
  • has a snap-shut ligature – easier for youngsters to place and secure the reed correctly.
  • includes a Nuvo plastic reed – easier to blow, doesn’t need wetting, is more resistant to damage, and lets him start playing immediately – plus it lasts ten times longer.
  • has only three parts to put together: mouthpiece, body and bell – easier and faster to assemble.
  • produces a great tone – soon has youngsters sounding good.
  • lets him play along with friends using the same music they do – whether they play guitar, keyboard, flute, piano, violin, recorder, in fact any instrument in normal pitch.
  • offers him a limitless amount of songs and music to play in pop, classical, jazz, blues, etc.


Sir John and his peers are happy because the Nuvo Clarinéo:-

  • had its acoustics designed by Ted Planas – as Paul Harvey wrote, this is, "…the biggest immediate plus factor as far as professionals are concerned".  And as Sir John Dankworth said "to have him on the side of a new instrument like this is a very important factor indeed".
  • Has the narrow bore of a true C clarinet played with an Eb mouthpiece – for perfect intonation.  Richard Addison stated, "I was very impressed how the intonation… was so even.  Crossing the break, things like that, no problems".
    Uses a standard Eb clarinet mouthpiece – catering for personal preferences.

Ted Planas

Just about every top player went to Ted Planas for expert alterations to their instruments.  Selmer-Paris engaged him to design instruments.  He was internationally acclaimed due to his unique combination of being an expert in musical instrument acoustics and a superb craftsman.  Hence, as Sir John Dankworth also put it, the Clarinéo lets you, "…get such a lot of personality out of the sound, and put your own stamp on it.  It’s got a lovely sympathetic sound.  Sings the tune beautifully.  It’s lovely!"

Parents and music educators are happy too because the Nuvo Clarinéo:-

  • offers a comprehensive range of tutors, music books, CDs and DVDs developed especially for the instrument – providing full music support for Clarinéo students.
  • is almost indestructible – ideal for youngsters, always playable, no overhaul or repairs costs.
  • key work is made of Delrin – completely waterproof, no re-padding costs – ever!
  • uses two "O" rings instead of mouthpiece cork – easier to tune and never wear out.
  • enables children from six or seven years old to begin playing – giving them a four or five year musical advantage.
  • is very affordable – vital for parents and schools to make music playing accessible to all.
  • uses simplified fingering of a clarinet – easier to learn and can be taught by any clarinet teacher.
  • easily plays along with normally pitched instruments; guitar, piano, flute, violin, recorder etc.
  • fits in with all levels from Primary school music to Secondary school orchestras and beyond.
  • has an attractive mellow tone that is suitable for solo, accompaniment and parts-playing – versatility that is ideal for adding depth and colour to school music.
  • enables children easily to take up additional instruments that use the same or similar mechanism and fingering, such as the clarinet and saxophone.
  • makes the taking-up of the oboe and bassoon easier too since both require the same type of techniques and coordination, albeit with different fingering.  To a lesser extent the same is true of the flute.
  • is an instrument with perfect ergonomics for youngsters – hence they start off with correct holding and posture rather than acquiring bad habits in trying to compensate for their young bodies having to master an instrument designed for adults.
  • ends the paradox of children having to be even more accurate with their fingering than adults in order to be sure that their smaller, slimmer fingers cover all of the sound hole.


If you’re a woodwind teacher, we encourage you to register with us, so that we can keep a directory of Clarinéo teachers worldwide for future recommendations.  If you are currently a saxophone or clarinet teacher you will quickly appreciate the versatility of the Clarinéo and see the advantages especially for younger beginners.  As you will discover, the Clarinéo has a surprisingly rich and full tone.  It is fully chromatic over 3.5 octaves.  It uses an easy-action cane ligature with a reed location slot that works with our "speakeasy" plastic reeds.  If you prefer to play or teach with cane reeds then an Eb clarinet reed will work with our mouthpieces.