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Useful Tips


Your Clarineo may have come with the FIRST STEPS tutor book DVD and CD, if not you can purchase them through your nearest music store or order online directly from our website.  The book and DVD will guide you through the basics of playing the instrument and open you up to a whole new world of discovering music.  You can also contact a local woodwind teacher who will be able to give you a more advanced learning experience.


Music to Play

Thereís a wealth of music out there.  Find a friendly pianist and the two of your can play any song from the thousands of published albums.  Thereís also specially composed and arranged music for the Clarineo with other instruments such as guitar, flute and recorder.


Maintenance and Care for your Clarineo

Like all musical instruments, the Clarineo should be treated with care.  In particular, notice the springs on the keys.  These should never be bent beyond their normal position.  Itís always best to put the Clarineo back in the case after use and make sure it is properly in its slot so that there is no pressure on the keys.  From time to time, add some grease to the o-rings on the mouthpiece.  This makes the mouthpiece very easy to put on and keeps the o-rings supple.



Setting the reed Ė itís important that the tip of the reed is aligned with the top edge of the mouthpiece (see First Steps Tutor and DVD).  The plastic reeds (as suppplied with instruments) have a ridge on the underside that fits into a slot on the mouthpiece.  This is to help position the reed correctly.


Be careful with the reed tip because once itís broken itís useless.  This applies to all the reeds, but especially to the cane reed, which is very delicate.  If the tip is broken, the reed will not play.



Remember the Clarineo is a high quality musical instrument that has been designed specifically to be easier for beginners but also suits advanced players.  The Clarineo has been played and admired by professional musicians and has been successfully used for many styles of music Ė folk, jazz (trad and modern), rock, chamber and orchestral music.  As with any instrument, it takes time and effort to learn to play the Clarineo but it really is worth putting the time in.  The better you get the more fun youíll have.


If youíre a beginner but donít have the First Steps Tutor book and DVD please buy it from your local music store or directly from our website.  Itís expertly written and could save you hours of needless struggle.


Also consider seeking out a local clarinet or saxophone teacher to sign up for some lessons.  In fact a teacher of any woodwind instrument can give you the basics.


Lessons are best when you start.  You learn goods habits that help you progress more quickly and hugely increase your enjoyment of playing the Clarineo.